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Why choose us over job boards?

So you have just lost a key person, and you need to fill their position.

As a hiring manager, when you lose a key employee, you face a number of concerns and challenges. You need to find someone to fill the vacant role while still managing your day-to-day responsibilities. This can lead to increased stress and exhaustion, which can impact your personal life and relationships.

Hiring can seem like a daunting task, particularly if it's something you don't do often. It's completely normal to feel a lack of confidence, even if you have some interviewing skills. You might worry about your ability to distinguish between the average candidates and the best ones, which can increase your hiring stress.

There is also the fear of failure. You worry that you won't be able to find a strong performer to fill the role, leaving you short-staffed and overworked until you do.

The time commitment involved in screening huge numbers of unqualified applicants and then interviewing candidates can also be overwhelming, especially when you are already short-staffed and overworked.

As the hiring process continues, you may start to worry about making a mistake in the final candidate selection. You worry about the implications of having a person in the role who can’t perform and who, instead of easing your workload, only adds to your stress.

You may have an HR department, but relying on junior HR staff can be challenging. Junior HR staff often lack practical experience in the roles they are recruiting for and may lack the judgment and experience needed to assess candidates properly. This can result in highly qualified candidates being overlooked and less suitable ones being engaged with, which is a risky approach to talent scouting.

Let's explore why we offer substantially more value than just posting your job to a job board.

Why use our supply chain recruiters over a job board?

Save time and hassle

If you post a job to a job board, especially if it's a junior to mid level role, you'll get hundreds of applicants to sort through. The most aggressive ones will look you up and call or message you through multiple channels to get your attention. Save time with our streamlined process, where you remain anonymous and we enable you to focus on only the most qualified candidates.

Benefit from candidate insights unavailable on a job board

Job board users curate their public profiles to position themselves the most positively. It's hardly a complete picture of a candidate. Detailed confidential notes in our database, gleaned from interviews and reference checks over the years, give us unique insight into candidates you simply cannot get on a job board.

Access passive candidates

Tap into an undiscovered talent pool, those not actively looking for a new role, thanks to our extensive candidate relationships.

Bypass the job board's spam-filled message system

We maintain real and engaged connections with passive candidates, distinguishing us from a job board's messaging system which is increasingly filled with spam.

Broaden your talent pool

There are strong candidates not on the top job boards. We help you extend beyond job boards, and access a diverse talent pool tailored to your industry.

Industry expertise

Benefit from our specialized team's industry experience, ensuring accurate candidate matching. Rather than junior HR staff muddling through hundreds of candidates, you’ll have our in-depth industry knowledge working for you and presenting you with better candidates.

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