Specialists in Supply Chain Recruiting

Supply Chain Recruiters: Finding Top Talent For Your Team

As one of the top supply chain recruiters in Canada, we find you the outstanding executive talent required to lead your growth. Our deep supply chain industry experience and reputation give us unmatched credibility and enable us to engage with exceptional candidates unwilling to speak with inexperienced recruiters.

What problems do supply chain recruiters solve for hiring managers?

Supply chain executive recruiters exist to solve these common problems hiring managers face.

  1. Workload stress: When you realize you need to fill a position as a hiring manager, you face a wave of concerns and challenges. You need to figure out how to fill the vacant role while managing your already busy day-to-day responsibilities. Coming home exhausted and stressed from work affects your personal life and family relationships.
  2. Hiring skills confidence: Hiring can be a daunting task, especially if it's not something you do regularly. It's normal to feel a lack of confidence even if you have some interviewing skills. You might worry about your ability to differentiate between the best candidates and the average ones, which can add to your hiring stress.
  3. Fear of failure: You worry that you won't be able to find a strong performer to do the role and that will leave you short-staffed and overworked until you do.
  4. Time-commitment: You are faced with committing a substantial amount of time towards screening huge numbers of unqualified applicants and then interviewing at a time when you are already short-staffed and over worked.
  5. Fear of making a mistake: As the process continues, you likely start worrying about making a mistake in the final candidate selection. You worry about the implications of having a person in the role who can’t really perform and who, instead of easing your workload, only adds to your stress.
  6. Challenges with relying on junior HR staff: You may have an HR department, but hiring managers tell us that the challenge with relying on your HR department is that it often involves using inexperienced personnel in the hiring process. It’s often junior HR staff that are tasked with recruiting. Junior HR staff generally have not worked in the supply chain roles they are recruiting for. How many junior HR staff have been a Distribution Manager, Sales Manager, or Logistics Manager? There are limitations to what they can effectively evaluate due to their lack of practical experience. They may lack the judgment and experience needed to assess candidates properly. They may overlook highly qualified candidates and engage with less suitable ones. Leaving talent scouting to the lowest-paid personnel in the organization is a risky approach.

How supply chain recruiting firms solve hiring challenges

So, how do supply chain recruiting agencies like us solve your hiring challenges?

Benefits of partnering with our supply chain executive search firm

  1. We Free up Your Time: Save time with our streamlined recruitment process, where we do the time-consuming screening of unqualified candidates and you can focus on only the most suitable candidates.
  2. We Broaden Your Talent Pool: Access a diverse and extensive supply chain talent pool beyond your conventional channels.
  3. You Can Trust Our Specialized Expertise: Rather than junior HR staff muddling through the process, you’ll benefit from our in-depth industry knowledge for precise candidate matching.
  4. We Increase Your Confidence: Reduce your fears of making a mistake. Our network, experience and process consistently drive successful hiring for our clients. And on the rare occasions when it doesn’t work out, we’ll find you a replacement.

Which positions and roles we fill

Executive level

  • CEOs and Presidents
  • Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO)
  • Vice President of Supply Chain

Our recruiters search for top executives and senior managers who are strong thinkers and strategic leaders. They aim to find individuals who can deliver outstanding results for your leadership team.

Manager level

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Terminal Manager
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Demand Planning Analyst
  • Warehouse Operations Manager

We carefully match managers with supply chain and logistics roles. These roles demand strategic insight and practical expertise.

Entry-level and support roles

  • Supply Chain Coordinator
  • Inventory Control Clerk
  • Transportation Coordinator
  • Purchasing Assistant
  • Dispatcher

We make sure we always have a steady stream of people for Entry-Level and Support Roles. They grow into crucial professionals who are key to the success of your supply chain business.

How supply chain recruitment agencies work

Understanding client needs

Being a professional recruitment firm, our performance hinges on understanding clients' needs and aligning them with our expertise. This commitment ensures tailored solutions and successful placements.

According to industry experts, new hires often leave within the first three months for various reasons:

52%: Mismatch between the candidate and the job requirements.

36%: Discrepancy between the job description and actual responsibilities.

36%: Candidates are drawn by a superior job offer elsewhere.

35%: Dissatisfaction with the level of flexibility and autonomy.

These statistics underscore the importance of a precise and strategic recruitment process.

That's why, at Reimer Associates, we've crafted a recruitment roadmap to ensure a seamless journey:

Initial Engagement

Our search process begins with a thorough initial consultation. We dive deep into your business objectives, culture, and needs through in-depth discussions to ensure a nuanced understanding.

Assessment and agreement

Acknowledging the challenges hiring managers face, Reimer Associates confidently steps in to offer expert assistance. We identify your specific requirements and expectations and we agree on a fee structure. Then we tailor our recruitment strategy to ensure precision and alignment with your requirements.

Talent sourcing and evaluation

Utilizing an extensive candidate network and database

Leveraging our extensive network and database, we outperform job board messaging systems by establishing direct contact with passive candidates. We initiate targeted emails to specific candidates and then we send a broadcast email to our entire database. This personal approach enables us to engage with potential candidates on a different level, fostering meaningful connections that transcend traditional recruitment methods.

Proactive search methods and sourcing strategies

As specialists in the supply chain and logistics industry, we can identify candidates suited for your required role. Our industry focus ensures that we refine our proactive search methods and sourcing strategies. This allows us to pinpoint individuals with the precise skills and expertise needed.

Rigorous screening and evaluation process

Our comprehensive database, documenting every interaction with candidates, including references and conversations, is pivotal in our screening. This focused approach helps us prioritize top-tier talent, steering clear of less qualified candidates. Leveraging historical data ensures a thorough and tailored assessment for your supply chain team.

Candidate presentation and selection

Shortlisting top candidates for client review

After carefully screening candidates, we select three to four top performers. We then present this carefully chosen group to the Hiring Manager for further consideration.

Our commitment to diversity ensures that your supply chain team receives candidates with unique skills and backgrounds.

Beyond credentials, our focus on Client Fit ensures seamless alignment with your values.

Considerations include:

Industry Alignment: Clients in the supply chain or transportation sector align with Reimer’s services.

Reputation: We partner with reputable companies.

Attractiveness: Preference for companies attracting high-quality candidates enhances placement success.

Purpose of the Position: We prioritize roles aligning with our expertise. Niche positions outside our scope may not be ideal.

Location Factors: Transparent communication about potential success in certain regions is vital.

Retained Searches: By committing to the recruiter with a retainer search, the process ensures 100% focus on hiring successfully for the role.

Coordinating interviews and assisting the selection process:

The hiring manager may lack confidence in the interview process that attracts top-notch candidates. This can lead to stress and increased workload. At Reimer, we prioritize an expedited hiring process, ensuring decisions within weeks.

Providing comprehensive candidate profiles and insights:

Our approach focuses on detailed profiles filled with valuable insights. This enables informed decisions about your supply chain team beyond basic skills.

  1. Leadership Style:
    Insight into a candidate's leadership approach aligns with your expectations.
  2. Problem-Solving Abilities:
    Examples of past challenges navigated showcase the candidate's problem-solving skill set.
  3. Flexibility:
    Assessing how candidates handle change reveals resilience in dynamic environments.
  4. Collaboration and Team Dynamics:
    Information on collaboration style ensures seamless integration into your corporate culture.
  5. Client Interaction:
    Exploring a candidate's client-facing experiences gauges relationship-building skills.
  6. Innovation and Creativity:
    Instances of contributing to innovative solutions showcase the potential for driving innovation in your supply chain.
  7. Career Goals:
    Confirmation that the candidate’s career goals align with the role and future opportunities within your firm.

Offer negotiation support

Assisting with salary negotiations and offer management:

Leveraging our expertise, we facilitate transparent and successful salary negotiations, managing the offer process professionally. Our goal is to ensure a confident and mutually beneficial agreement between your organization and the selected candidate.

How much time will you need to invest?

One of the primary reasons hiring managers choose to work with us is because they value their time highly and don’t want to spend hours screening unqualified candidates. We take the hours of work off your desk and put it on ours so you can focus on your work and we focus on finding the talent.

We’ve designed our streamlined process to respect and maximize your time while ensuring effective results.

Initial consultation

Dedicate approximately one hour to discuss your specific needs, company culture, and job requirements with us.

Interview sessions

Allocate 30 minutes to one hour per candidate interview for thorough evaluations.

You will likely interview two to three candidates in the first round.

You might take one or two to the second round.

If it’s a very senior role, you might have a third round.

Why choose Reimer Associates over job boards?

With job boards seemingly offering a robust pool and direct access to candidates, you’ve probably considered solving your hiring problem by posting the job to one of them. We’ve covered how we offer substantially more value than just posting your job to a job board on this page, Why choose us over job boards?