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Throughout his career, Ross Reimer has played a key role in numerous mergers and acquisitions. Ross has experience as a business owner and M&A facilitator. He has seen firsthand what works — and what doesn’t.

Too many mergers that look good on paper fall apart in practice. Too many turn into win-lose rather than staying win-win. It is not enough to have businesses that mesh operationally; the cultures have to fit as well. Successful mergers are not just about reducing costs; they are about leveraging opportunity.

Ross has the skills and experience to identify the success criteria for choosing your ideal M&A partner, whether you are the buyer or the seller. He has the connections to identify the partner who best meets your requirements. He has personal connections necessary to present your buying or selling opportunity to the right people, and the credibility and negotiating skills to be truly persuasive on your behalf.

The Reimer team of legal and financial associates can help structure a deal that makes the most sense for you. We manage the details of deal development and negotiation, enabling you to focus on running your business. Over the years Ross has played a key role in assisting many clients with successful transactions.

Ross has proven to be a valuable asset in meeting our strategic goals as it pertains to acquisitions. Ross’s level of integrity, flexibility and thorough understanding of our industry is second to none. I would highly recommend him.

Gord Smith, Chairman of Manitoulin Group of Companies, speaks on Reimer Associates

Gord Smith

Chairman Manitoulin Group of Companies