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Reimer Associates was established in 1997 by Ross Reimer.

It was a natural outgrowth of Ross’s tenure at Reimer Express Lines Ltd. where his senior management and ownership experience combined with his skills in recruiting outstanding people. Over the years Ross built his team by carefully selecting exceptional executives from the transportation and supply chain industry.

We concentrate exclusively on recruitment within supply chain. Simply put, as drivers of success for numerous transportation and supply chain companies, our team has learned firsthand what kind of skills, experience and personality it takes to fill critical positions. We operate confidentially and effectively from inside the industry.

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We are transportation and supply chain industry experts

There is simply no substitute for having worked within the supply chain industry when seeking to fill industry-related positions. Our experience gives us not only credibility with clients, but also – just as importantly – allows us to engage with outstanding potential candidates. Recruiters with minimal or no supply chain experience are not able to identify and attract the best supply chain talent.

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Our intelligent database grows continually

Our database of qualified candidates numbers tens of thousands and grows every day. We expand this resource through constant research and headhunting within the industry, using social media, industry associations, personal one-on-one networking, advertising, and responding to numerous referrals.

Additionally, with each new search, we target specific companies to ensure our clients receive the best possible slate of candidates. Because we stay so close to the pulse of the industry, our research is fresh and relevant, and we fill searches in tight time frames.

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Our process works for you

Our extensive supply chain database, and laser-like candidate targeting is process driven. Our interviewing and reference-checking skills are well-honed and highly professional.

Before a candidate is presented, we conduct thorough personal interviews with significant behavioural questioning. Our people skills and industry experience allow us to sort through multiple candidates and develop a competent short list. We see each personal interview as an important interaction. Our exhaustive reference-checking is the final confirmation that our clients are hiring top level talent.

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You can count on us for the long haul

We take pride in our commitment to delivering outstanding value. And after 20 years of building long-standing relationships with some of today's most respected companies, our reputation is well-known in the supply chain industry.

We look forward to working with you!

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