Russell Wilson: “Why Not Us” – Reflections on the SuperBowl – Originally Published in MM&D

Recently many of us watched the Super Bowl. It had several interesting storylines and perhaps the most compelling was future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning going up against the young sensation Russell Wilson. We all know how the game turned out, with Russell Wilson leading the Seahawks to a resounding victory.

No matter who you were cheering for, there was a very interesting story in the background. During Russell Wilson’s interviews both before and after the game, he spoke of his late father Harry Wilson’s encouragement to him as he pursued a career in the NFL. It was summarized in a simple question Harry would often ask his son: “Why not you Russell?” There were many other words of encouragement along the way, but that one question always framed Russell’s belief in his ability. Powerful words from father to son. Prior to the game Russell challenged his team with: “Why not us?”

At Reimer Associates we don’t deal with world-class athletes, but we certainly do work with world-class people in supply chain. Often these people exhibit the same attitude of “Why not me?” It leads them forward in their careers as well as in other important parts of their lives.

It’s a great privilege to play a part in career building on behalf of many people in our industry. In fact it’s one of the most satisfying parts of the recruitment business. If you are thinking of moving outside of your comfort zone and wondering if you have what it takes, remember to ask the important question: “Why not me?”

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