Taking Care of Your Best People – Originally Published in MM&D

In my work as a recruiter, I have the unique opportunity to work with dozens of companies in transportation and supply chain. Each has its own distinct culture and many have characteristics that are exceptional. Without question, the most significant driver of success in top-performing companies is the value they place on people and assembling a great team.

Companies that are determined to build and retain an effective team are always on the lookout for outstanding talent. As we all know, the best people are in short supply and need to be actively sought after if long-term success is to be achieved.  Clients that understand this give us a very clear directive. They ask us to continually send them the very best of candidates that we see in our recruitment work. They know we are constantly networking and interviewing and able to assess talent. It’s understood that while they may not have a current opening, making time to meet with talented people often leads to a great hire and a stronger team.

I have been very fortunate to personally experience this at Reimer Associates. I’ve been approached numerous times by industry executives enquiring about the recruitment business and whether I would consider adding to my team. In each case I’ve been open to a discussion and have recently added outstanding talent to our company. I continue to be open to future growth by looking for the very best people who can join our team.

So remember, even though your business day is full of important and necessary tasks, it’s critical to be available to meet with potential employees and strike when the opportunity presents itself.

We look forward to assisting you with your recruitment needs and welcome your call or email.

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