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Location: Vaughan ON

Position: Senior VP - Materials & Labour

File Number: 2671

Our client is one of the largest players in the commercial and residential construction business. They are at a critical juncture in what promises to be a very exciting growth opportunity for the next decade.

This company is in a reorganization phase of its development. You will be a key architect of the changes, process improvements and continuous improvements that the company is looking to make.
You will need to be flexible and innovative in using existing resources and your experience to make things better continuously.
Your opportunity to contribute to a major growth phase will be your reward, professionally and financially.

• This position is much like the conductor of the orchestra, bringing together various elements of material and labor resources at precisely the right time and cost.
• This will include overall responsibility for selection and management processes of selecting contracted installers across the country. As well the process by which
we assign labor to various projects in an efficient manner
• The development of installer “profiles” will ensure that we work with the best crews and therefore provide a superior service.
• The management of material, will include the establishment of a strategic procurement and demand forecasting group which will allow us to begin to use our scale to
achieve superior pricing and terms from our suppliers.
• A relentless pursuit of a high-quality installation date from our builders will allow us to order material on a JIT basis, something that we struggle with today,
resulting in inflated inventories and service failures.
• The direct management of our central warehouse, the “beating heart” of our company, must be run at a world class level for the company to succeed and improve service
and profitability. This will always remain a top priority for the position.

Direct Reports 3 Managers, Installations, Purchasing and
Director Central Warehouse Operations

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