• Is There a Recipe for Hiring Success? – Originally Published in MM&D

    OCCASIONALLY I like to cook. When I pull out a favourite recipe or search for one from a great website, I am virtually guaranteed success if I follow it carefully. If only hiring new employees was so straightforward! Unfortunately, even with a highly disciplined process in place, we all know we cannot guarantee hiring success. […]

  • My friend the lunatic – Originally Published in MM&D

    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I’m fortunate to have a lunatic for a friend. His name is Ian Evans and it was his choice to call his book Lunatic, with the subtitle “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Quite a statement when you think about it. For Ian […]

  • Time for a fresh start? – Originally Published in MM&D

    It was just a few weeks ago while running on the treadmill at my local gym that I was impressed by what I read on the newest customer’s T-shirt. She was obviously new to the facility as she was receiving her introductory tour with the trainer. Most gyms are full of a variety of people […]

  • Are You Willing to Fail Faster? – Originally Published in MM&D

    Thomas J. Watson, Sr. headed IBM from 1914 to 1956 as the Chairman and CEO. Under his leadership the company became an international force in business. By any measure he was a hugely successful innovator and leader of people. Few entrepreneurs have more interesting and thought-provoking quotes attributed to them than Watson. Perhaps his most […]

  • How To Hire Top Quality Candidates: Emerging Trends

    This article is republished with the permission of the author. How To Hire Top Quality Candidates: Emerging Trends By : Julia Kuzeljevich, 2014-10-16 What are the emerging trends in hiring top quality transportation management talent? Ross Reimer, President, Reimer Associates, Inc. devoted an entire session to these during Wednesday’s 2014 Surface Transportation Summit at the Mississauga […]

  • Sometimes the Truth Hurts – Originally Published in MM&D

    Being in the recruitment business for many years, I’ve met with thousands of people who are seeking new employment opportunities. For some, they find a new position in a short period of time. For others, the search can be more time consuming. Hardly a week goes by that I don’t meet with someone who’s having […]

  • Taking Care of Your Best People – Originally Published in MM&D

    In my work as a recruiter, I have the unique opportunity to work with dozens of companies in transportation and supply chain. Each has its own distinct culture and many have characteristics that are exceptional. Without question, the most significant driver of success in top-performing companies is the value they place on people and assembling […]

  • Russell Wilson: “Why Not Us” – Reflections on the SuperBowl – Originally Published in MM&D

    Recently many of us watched the Super Bowl. It had several interesting storylines and perhaps the most compelling was future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning going up against the young sensation Russell Wilson. We all know how the game turned out, with Russell Wilson leading the Seahawks to a resounding victory. No matter who […]