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Location: Montreal PQ

Position: Director of Ocean Freight, Customs and Transportation

File Number: 2479

Our client is a major retailer, based in Montreal. They are dealing with a true global supply chain, with 80% of the product coming from China, most of the rest coming from South East Asia and Europe. Thus we need someone who is a deep experience in Ocean Freight. The product will come in to the US West Coast, the US East Coast and Montreal. The product will be distributed from New Jersey to +/-500 stores in Canada. US Retail locations, mostly in the West, will be distributed from California. Montreal will handle wholesale business and eComm is managed on an omni-channel basis from the closest retail store with product. Thus you need Far East supply chain knowledge, Customs, Ocean Freight etc. You need US / Canadian border Over the Road customs & trucking experience and you need a good knowledge of the courier business to fulfill the eComm business. You have 4 direct reports, all based in Montreal, Senior Transportation Manager(team of 9), a Senior Manager, Customs and Global Trade (team of 7) a B2C Transportation Manager (team of 2) and a Transportation Manager. The compensation for this role will be in the $100,000+ range. You should be a Leader in your field, who has managed a budget of $70-80m in Transportation & Customs spend, who can motivate your staff (4 direct & 20 indirect)and increase their efficiency and personal development. Your tendency is to be analytical & math savvy and have the ability to elevate your whole groups performance, working collaboratively with your peers who would be Senior Supply Chain Directors for North America and Global. You report to the Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain, who as the title would suggest is on the road a majority of the time. So you need to be a self-starter and able to work without day to day direction. You should have a very good knowledge of Customs and be used to dealing with a 3rd party provider. You should have a University degree in Business or Industrial Engineering, be very plugged into the industry and industry associations and be ready for a great challenging opportunity to really make a difference.

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